My world

I wait for you like a desert waits for rain,
Both lacking the ability to support their lives,
But mostly just a glance is all I get barely,
You are an ocean in which many of my desires dives,
They are one with you now,
And like them to be one with you my soul thrives,
I want to explore you, explore the smell of your hair, is that heaven that you use,
Is that a star on your finger, why would rather this magneficiently someone would smile,
Did you noticed me ever, I live near every place you pass by,
Please visit me sometime, under your influence my home extends for miles.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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Awaited healer

Rinse me with contentment,
please, clean this grime off my skin,
Cleanse my unobtrusive wounds,
I’ve been saving these for you as I was keen,
for you to see them,
for them to perceive the beauty of your hands,
I’ve been thinking how much you and they are akin,
as both accord me such pain yet remind me of each other.
pinch me with your vexation but never let go of me.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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Hidden secret

I have an idea what’s above those clouds of fears,
but I fear to know it.
Should I be ashamed or proud of these tears,
people say it’s girlish to show it.
But I can’t hide it for too long, feels like claws of bears,
and I am no Leonardo to kill it.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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You on my isle

I wander in the crowds, I wonder about the routes.
Is there any takes you to the peace.
Cause this world is too loud, I want her back like clouds.
And take over the sky so my soul can be at ease.
Like thunder land in my woods, I am tied under the wand of your words.
Makeover my isle and you sole will be on it with me at least.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

Don’t ask me

Ask those unanswered prayers how much I wanted you,
those unstoppable tears dripping on my unwanted meal.
I drank water, my thirst was insatiable though,
unwanted fears grabbing my throat of hopes, time like a non-spinning wheel,
Ask those unaware eyes who never knew you are not coming,
and those uncontrollable whines of my heart, that non-destined running.
But don’t ask me why I waited. That I never left the hope of your return.
   – Deepak Singh Solanki