A Lass’s Earth

Your stains remain on my glass heart,
with a crack, fear from these harsh winds,
your voice could shatter it to pieces,
so please use only signs, I stand on marshlands,
could not drown, neither can walk without tripping,
people’s walls shut her pleases,
cry out blood, had to walk on red like mars land,
feel like living in a space that’s barren from peace as on a station waiting for someone who flew away,
and its stains remain on a lass’s earth.

Dais of mercy

Life is a puzzle now and I am trying to fit in desperately,
there is a missing piece, and even almight puttin despair at me,
there is no sense of love from the people I know,
I am parched for some, my table hasn’t seen from days pair a tea,
I had some feelings, my heart now daze been pared a bit,
I beg for some mercy and on a dais prayed a bit.

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A letter unsent

There is a bit of you in everything that I mention,
There is a lot of room where I collect your memories, in that mansion,
the walls are painted with your blush red, a bit adorned by your reflection,
the false stars penned to the truth by your brush and a bit formed by your rebel actions,
every time I feel free from your thoughts my mind strain itself to be captured again,
a very tight thin string forms our knots and binds remains of our self truly kept it in frame,
to be loved only by each other and to end ourselves if parted,
to my beloved, lonely my heart smother itself, begs to end myself what it started,
I write with hope, I write with remains of my love,
please be back soon,
I wait with rope, I wait with remains of my courage to live………

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Guilty of love

I’ve seen the beauty in your scars,
also tasted the chaos of love on your lips,
this jealousy of these stars,
from my moon for which my heart leaps,
to great lengths, you rule over me like a tsar,
graceful cruelty to be justified,  my eyes clepes,
not to be alone in dark, I beg to end this sahar,
so I can keep you with me and so I can sleep.

Will it ever fall this season

Will it ever fall this season without you,
Even if it does I will be no better than a statue,
Gazing at an empty street with wet eyes,
With my mouth deserted from words, and my heart tied with lies,
Will it ever fall I wonder, while the sun shines brightly every morn,
All of my desires stay under, while my heart cries and mourn,
Every day, I wish that the clouds take over,
Rinse me with the hope of your returning and I roam soaked with it for hours,
Will it take longer for you to come after that,
Will it ever fall this season without you I wonder.

My world

I wait for you like a desert waits for rain,
Both lacking the ability to support their lives,
But mostly just a glance is all I get barely,
You are an ocean in which many of my desires dives,
They are one with you now,
And like them to be one with you my soul thrives,
I want to explore you, explore the smell of your hair, is that heaven that you use,
Is that a star on your finger, why would rather this magneficiently someone would smile,
Did you noticed me ever, I live near every place you pass by,
Please visit me sometime, under your influence my home extends for miles.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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Awaited healer

Rinse me with contentment,
please, clean this grime off my skin,
Cleanse my unobtrusive wounds,
I’ve been saving these for you as I was keen,
for you to see them,
for them to perceive the beauty of your hands,
I’ve been thinking how much you and they are akin,
as both accord me such pain yet remind me of each other.
pinch me with your vexation but never let go of me.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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Hidden secret

I have an idea what’s above those clouds of fears,
but I fear to know it.
Should I be ashamed or proud of these tears,
people say it’s girlish to show it.
But I can’t hide it for too long, feels like claws of bears,
and I am no Leonardo to kill it.

– Deepak Singh Solanki

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